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VV- A Social Network for Athletes

VV is a specialized social network for coaches and athletes. Users in VV will be able to search for a guide based on their geographical location, and using the map feature on this platform, they can find active trainers around them. After choosing the right coach, communicating on the VV platform is done for free, and the next steps will be coordinated between the coach and the athlete.


UX Researcher & Designer
Duration: Jan 2024 - Present

#Social-Network #Athletes #UX-design


"At VV, athletes have the opportunity to properly express themselves and their abilities. On the other hand, sports enthusiasts need accurate and sufficient information to choose the right coach, and with the help of VV, this need will be met, and finally, by establishing proper communication between the user and the coach, the atmosphere of sports and health in Iran will be improved. " VV provides this possibility so that coaches and athletes can find each other consciously and with the greatest effectiveness and exercise together. face-to-face, online exercises or even receiving exercise programs;

Design Thinking Process

Understanding the Problem


 User Groups


Empathize and Gathering Insights


Affinity Map


I categorized the emerged themes to the following four themes:





New Features

Usability Test

VV test


Generally, the results of the evaluation were promising;

  • Initial Inference and widget grouping reduce design effort (n=5/10)

  • Intuitive preview of the adaptive results (n=8/10)

  • Visualization makes the resize behaviour easy to understand and predictable (n=6/10)

  • Helpful error detection (n=6/10)

  • FlowGrid extends the functionality (n=5/10)

  • Designers would use the L3 editor (n=7/10)

High-Fidelity Prototype 

VV app

Usability Test

VV testing


What is Next?

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