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Elham Sadr
Product Designer

Welcome to my Product Design portfolio!

I'm Elham, a dedicated Product Designer driven by a profound passion for crafting exceptional digital experiences. With more than 5 years of experience in product design, I've honed my skills in user research, interaction design, and prototyping.
Throughout my experience, I've had the privilege to collaborate with cross-functional teams to create intuitive and user-centric designs. My expertise lies in conducting thorough user research to uncover insights that inform product strategy, as well as translating those insights into compelling wireframes and prototypes. I thrive on solving complex usability challenges and refining interfaces to enhance user satisfaction and drive business goals.
I enjoy continuous learning and creativity outside of work and exploring various fields of knowledge. I enjoy the therapeutic rhythm of playing music and outdoor adventures and drawing inspiration from art and nature.

Work Experience

Freelance Product Designer - June 2023-Present
  • End-to-end system design through the design thinking process based on usability tests and data collection and provided a seamless user experience for a professional networking platform for musicians.

  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative data analysis for system usability improvement

  • Performed heuristic evaluation for mobile and desktop apps and provided the stakeholders with useful feedback

  • Collaborated in an Agile iterative cross-functional team design process to improve the efficiency of a mobile banking app

UX Researcher and Designer at VVISE LAB - Sep 2019-March 2023
  • Directed end-to-end product development using data-driven design decisions and iterative improvements

  • Conducted user research to understand user needs and challenges through interviews and behavioural user studies.

  • Performed qualitative data analysis which impacted product efficiency and usability.

  • Conducted usability tests to gather valuable insights for the designed system

  • Conducted quantitative data analysis and provided usability recommendations for designers for AR/VR.

Teaching Experience in the Design Field at SFU - May 2021-Present
  • Conducted activities including sketching, journaling, and team discussions to practice research and collaboration in a visual communication problem and develop the student's storytelling skill.

  • Performed discussion and critique sessions for design principles, typography, and motion graphics. 

Architect at Tabatabaee Co. - Sep 2017-Apr 2019
  • Performed architecture planning and design for multiple projects
  • Conducted user research, site visits, data collection, and analysis to provide insights for the design
  • Collaborated with stakeholders and provided consultation reports
  • Produced 2D and 3D models for user feedback


  • MSc. Interactive Arts and Technology:  SFU, CA - March 2023

Thesis Title: Design and Evaluation of a New Editor for Responsive GUIs

  • MSc. Computer Science, FUM, IR
  • BA Architecture, IAU, IR



UI/UX Design, Information Architecture, Interaction design, Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping, Material Design System, Agile, 3D Design


User interview, Cultural Probe, Observation, Qualitative & Quantitative Data Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Ideation Techniques, Survey Design,User journey mapping, Affinity mapping, Usability testing, Heuristic Evaluation, User flows


Figma, Adobe XD, SPSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Revit, SketchUp



HTML, O-O Programming (Java(Basic), C++)


  • Google UX Design - Coursera
  • Design Thinking: The Ultimate Guide - Interaction Design Foundation
  • Figma UI UX Design Advanced - Udemy


  • Layout-Less-Layout: The L3-Editor, a GUI Editor for Resizable Layouts - in Submission 2024

  • Touch the Wall, Comparison of Virtual and Augmented Reality with Conventional 2D Screen Eye-hand Coordination Training Systems— Paper Published 2020​

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